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Popular Australian E-Liquid Flavours In 2022

There is a good reason why vaping is so popular in Australia and around the world. It's a delightful way to sample mouthwatering flavours or for smokers to gradually give up smoking. But if you don't enjoy the flavour of e-juice, there is no point in vaping it. Hence Even though any e-juice will generate vapour, it's important to choose the best vape e-juice, which can be done by trying a range of tastes. The flavour and quality of the vape juice are what really matter. If you're purchasing e-liquid in Australia, selecting the right one is essential. Any vape store in the has tons of options, ranging from different flavours and nicotine levels to its quality.

The most well-liked e-liquids on the market are made entirely of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), or occasionally both, and come in a variety of flavours like tobacco, menthol, spices, or fruit. Each flavour can be combined with the flavourless "base," which can be either PG or VG. With or without nicotine, these liquids are available.

If you use e-cigarettes or vapour cigarettes frequently, you are probably used to favouring one brand over another. We recognise that you may have developed a special link with your e-cigarette or vapour cigarette brand, and we don't want to sever that connection.

So, if you're looking for a great new vape juice, it's time to check out our top-trending vape juice flavours in Australia.

These juices are the ones that consistently carry out the wishes of the people. You shouldn't put off enjoying these favourites any longer!


Donut Vape Juice

Doughnut vape juice. One of the most popular flavours among vapers due to its rich, sweet, and exquisite texture. Even people who aren't big fans of Donut e-liquid frequently give in to temptation. For this reason, we've put up a list of the top Donut-flavoured vape juices from Big Vapes for 2022. They have a tonne of flavour, from the well-known Glazed Doughnut e-juice to the delectable Raspberry Jam Donut vape. They can be found here.


Glazed Donuts E-Liquid

Just out of the oven, picture a warm, soft cinnamon Donut with a delicious, gooey frosting. We have the best items, so don't search elsewhere. It will seem as though you are in a Krispy Kreme Donut shop when you vape this delicious glazed Donut e-liquid.


Pink Doh E-Liquid

The ideal mixture that really stimulates your taste receptors. Our Pink Strawberry donut vape is finished with oozy strawberry glaze, delicious icing sugar, and candy sprinkles. of the greatest doughnut vape juices available.

Raspberry Jam Donut E-Liquid

In our selection of doughnut vapes, one of the best of all time. Our raspberry jam donut features a soft doughnut, icing sugar, and a mouthwatering raspberry jam within. Just check out what our customers have to say about this e-juice and you won't be disappointed.

Cookies & Cream Donut E-Liquid

As a child, did you adore Oreos? You're in luck, though, because a light, the soft doughnut has been filled with that delectable cookie & cream flavour. An extremely satisfying flavour profile if you enjoy donut-flavored vapes.


Caramel Glazed Donut E-Liquid

Our renowned Caramel Glazed Donut is the final donut vape juice to be on the list. A well-balanced, delicate, simple donut has a sweet, gooey caramel glaze on top. This is our suggestion if you want to try a doughnut vape juice for the first time.

Menthol E-Juice Flavours

E-juices with menthol are wildly popular among vapers. It's typically combined with fruit or fruit mixes, but there are so many alternatives that it's tough to decide. To select the top 10 menthol e-juice flavours of 2022, Big Vapes is here.

Let's clarify what menthol e-juice is before moving on to our list of suggested menthol e-juices.


Traditional vaping e-liquid or e-juice is combined with menthol, a naturally occurring compound that may be found in plants like peppermint and spearmint, to create menthol e-juice. However, menthol is primarily employed in tobacco goods to get rid of the bitter flavour that comes from cigarettes. It is also used in a number of food products, such as gum and sweets.


The menthol used in e-liquids gives users a cooling and revitalising sensation akin to that of toothpaste or peppermint gum. When combined with fruits, this sensation creates a distinctive flavour and also reminds many vapers of the menthol flavours found in some cigarettes. Many vapers find this sensation to be gratifying.

Here are 5 of the best menthol e-liquids in Australia

Big Ice

This is a straightforward sweet menthol flavour. For those who vape who prefer a menthol flavour with a touch of sweetness. This is the flavour for you.

Blizzard Berries

a lusciously sweet berry mixture blended with a chilled menthol flavour. This flavour will chill you to the bone. Absolutely revitalising and a necessity for your rotation.

Blue Heisenberg

You may have just discovered the finest alternative if you liked Vapour Eyes Heisenberg E-Juice. Delicious mixed blueberries, a tinge of creamy boysenberry, and an icy cold hit on the exhale are all present in Blue Heisenberg. a powerhouse of taste.


Ice Dragon

An unique fruit combination with delicious blueberries and dragonfruit is the next item on the menu. Not to mention the refreshing menthol finish that will whisk you away to a tropical island.

Blue Raspberry Slushy

Or sometimes referred to as blue raz slushy, is a flavour combination that is well-liked yet difficult to create. Fortunately, our team has created a deliciously sweet fruit blend of blueberries and raspberries with a cool exhale that will leave your tongue tingling with slushy bliss.

Fruit Blends Flavours

The Rapple

Looking for a fruit combination that is balanced? Our Big Rapple taste, a reviving blend of sweet red apple and tart raspberry, should not be missed. You enjoy how sharp the raspberries are in contrast to how sweet and flavorful the red apples are. A necessity for any vaper's rotation.

Green Apple Watermelon 

Take a delightful green apple and watermelon combination and depart for an island escape. One of the top fruit mixtures available, giving you a pleasant and mild exhale. Enjoy a delicious seedless watermelon with the mild sourness of crunchy green apples. This e-juice is incredible.

Blue Raspberry 

The traditional bluz raz e-juice flavour is a favourite among vapers. Big Vapes only offers you the greatest form of it because of this. Delicious, juicy blueberries combined with a zing of tart raspberry flavour. Try our Blue Raspberry Slushy e-liquid if you're trying to give your e-juice an icy effect.

Blueberry Honeydew

Big Vape's Blackcurrant Honeydew e-juice is a hit because it combines two delicious and unusual fruits. This flavour is for you if you enjoy the dark earthy blackcurrant overtones and the sweet, musk-like aftertaste of honeydew. We're coming at you with a remix if you've experienced Seriously Fruity Blackcurrant Honeydew e-liquid.

Candy E-Juice Flavours

Everyone has fantasised about becoming children once more, licking lollipops and indulging in as much sugar as possible. Fortunately, we can revisit those experiences in the vaping community. To help you relive your childhood experience of being a kid in a candy store, Big Vapes delivers to you the best candy e-juice flavour.


Many new vapers start with menthol, fruit, or even tobacco-flavored e-juice. But the best part of vaping is that you may experiment with hundreds of distinctive flavours, whether they be custard, candy, or bakery flavours.


A lot of newbie vapers start off with menthol, fruit, or even tobacco e-juice. The beautiful thing about vaping, though, is that it allows you to experiment with hundreds of distinctive flavours, whether they are custard, candy, or bakery flavours.


ReddScinz e-liquid

This one will instantly transport you to your younger years. The red-skinned raspberry lollipops that we ate every day after school. They were incredibly sweet, chewy, and red. It is presented here as e-juice. It was one of the most well-liked candies in Australia, and you won't be dissatisfied with this Redskinz e-liquid.

Sour Cola Worms e-liquid

a favourite sweet from childhood. You'll get a sweet and sour aftertaste after eating these tasty, sweet, cola candy worms. a necessary addition to your supply of candies.

Pink Bubble Gum e-liquid

Do you recall the bubblegum tape with Hubba Bubba Pink? You'll be transported back in time by our Pink bubble gum e-liquid. Strawberries with a gummy exhale are sweet.

BIG ZAP e-juice

The craze was all about Zappos. You can now vape it. You'll feel full after eating this sour grape candy.


Big Wizzy E-liquid 

We've reimagined the renowned Wizz Fizz Powder Sherbet. We went to considerable lengths to make this exclusive sweet e-liquid available to you. Take pleasure in the bubbly exhalation that will leave you craving more.

Tobacco E-Liquids

You are probably seeking for the best tobacco e-liquids to satiate your desires if you recently quit smoking tobacco and made the switch to vaping. Before delving into the various tobacco e-liquid varieties available, let's examine the factors that lead new vapers to choose tobacco vape juice.

Tobacco e-liquids are special and can be quite adaptable. Ex-smokers like a dark, smokey, or even filthy taste in their cigarettes. The taste that former smokers were accustomed to for so long is not replicated in tobacco vape flavours, though. There aren't many that are absolutely accurate, however some might be near. Three main types of tobacco e-juice flavours are typically offered.

Straight or traditional tobaccos

Straight or traditional tobaccos have a flavour that is similar to fresh tobacco with sweet undertones. These flavours will resemble rolling tobacco brands like Champion Ruby or Port Royal. The majority of new vapers start out by switching to plain tobacco e-liquid because it is the flavour that comes the closest to actual tobacco that they will find. There are various varieties available, so make sure to try a few different choices to determine which one truly delights you.

Tobacco Blends

Because of its richness and volatility, tobacco flavouring can be combined with a wide range of nut, fruit, pastry, and beverage flavours. Blends of tobacco that have vanilla, caramel, or even coffee are common. To be honest, it can be challenging to select a flavour that you like. Nevertheless, don't worry! The wonderful thing about vaping is that you can explore and experiment with various flavours. Using our Five Dollar Friday to score the best prices is another excellent approach to achieve this.

Natural Tobacco Extracted

E-liquids called Naturally Extracted Tobaccos (NET) are produced by naturally extracting from actual tobacco leaves. This is done to mimic the distinctive flavour of actual tobacco. You rarely come across NET Vape liquids produced by regional Australian vape companies in Particular. Most tobacco-flavored vape juices are made with artificial flavouring. Naturally, employing a tobacco extract provides the e-juice with a much richer and more authentic tobacco flavour, which artificial flavouring just cannot replicate. Visit Black Note's website to find out more about the NETs procedure.


Let's get to the interesting part now.


Big Cigg

A well-liked traditional tobacco-flavored e-liquid among older age groups and beginning vapers. This flavour is for you if you prefer a more intense cigarette hit. Less sweet and more of a throat-punching force that will transport you to the past.

Big Cubon

One of our all-time favourites and a classic. Big Cubon offers a subdued tobacco vaping experience that is dark, peppery, and almost leathery. It's essential to keep this in your rotation if you enjoy Cuban cigars. It can be challenging to get a nice Cuban cigar flavour vape, but Big Cubon is undoubtedly one that delivers.


Big RY4

What exactly is RY4 flavour, if you ask? The first electronic cigarette created by the Ruyan Group, which was launched in 2004, is where the phrase "RY4" initially appeared. Tobacco, caramel, and vanilla are the three main flavour profiles that make up the flavour RY4. Typically, tobacco serves as a mild base for the RY4 flavour, with caramel and vanilla serving as the two main flavours. It is excellent for vapers who want sweet flavours but still want to taste a little tobacco on the exhale. a definite requirement for every vaper.


Coffee Tobacco

As was already said, tobacco can be blended with a wide range of other distinctive flavours due to its rich flavour profile. One common beverage that gives dark, smoky tobacco aromas a smooth, contemporary touch is coffee. This may also be an option for vapers who want to experiment with new flavours but have traditionally avoided tobacco-flavored e-liquids. Enjoy the mild tobacco flavour while letting the smooth, roasted coffee flavour take over as you sit back and relax.


Rum & Maple Pipe Tobacco

It continues to grow better. Next on the list is a unique concoction of rum, maple, and tobacco that offers a mouthwateringly rich, sweet, and smoky vape. This is a fantastic beverage flavour for rum fans, with a sweet and robust exhale.

So, since Vape juice is available in a wide variety of flavours and many different types of e-liquid are produced by thousands of vape brands around the world for vapers. You can purchase them from our vape shop online in any number after briefly reviewing some of the most intriguing vape juice flavours. If your preferred e-liquid juice isn't on this list, you can browse the categories on our popular e-liquid brands page. Simply submit a request if you have a special need that isn't covered on our page, and we'll do our best to supply it within a couple of weeks.


You must be craving some sweet vape juice after reading this post. What are you still holding out for? Today, browse the entire selection of vape juice online.


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