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Popular Australian Vape Juice Brand In 2022

The buzz that has been created has made it necessary for people to go crazy for a bottle of e-juice.

We mean that individuals are genuinely smitten with it! The number of brands vying for the top slots has substantially expanded as vaping has become more popular in Australia. They presently prioritise having every vaper as their top priority!

You must have seen the top Australian vape juice brands in advertisements. However, if the evidence they are presenting is sufficient, you need to exercise caution regarding one thing.

Health comes first in all things. Therefore, whichever option you select, you must be confident of the brand.

Hence, after thorough research, we have identified the top vape juice brands in Australia that offer e-liquids as well as some of their most popular vape juices and flavours.

Having your preferred e-liquid brand

Australian vapers can access their preferred selection of E-liquids on any vape shop online. The website will display every flavour that the manufacturer of your preferred e-liquid has to offer. All of these brands are skillfully brewed in Australia, so you can relax.

Frank and Atticus


We have started with the fantastic concoction enhanced with iconic flavours from South West Sydney orchards.

The Frank and Atticus vape juice manufacturer has added caramel glazed donuts to them. The core is an entirely fresh and cutting-edge experience. As a result, the juice is also debated at the vaper's club table.

The beverage also offers options for appetisers. You might initially be perplexed by the power of essence. But the more you taste it, the more you'll like it.

Renowned Flavors

The following essence product lines are included in F&A:

  • Apple with rhubarb as a side dish
  • Berry Jam Danish: It highlights the amazing flavours of Blue and Raspberry.

You will enjoy the flavours of fried dough, yeast, caramel, vanilla, and sugar glaze in a caramel-glazed doughnut.

  • White chocolate and peppermint cookies.
  • Custard made with baked apples.

Redback Juice Co

Australian vapers who prefer the conventional method gave birth to Redback Juice Co. Our mighty good range of premium e-liquids combines traditional flavours with unexpected twists.

With their addition of some more uncommon flavours, such starfruit, dragonfruit, and pomegranate, in combination with classic flavours, like watermelon, apple, and mango, they have created a superb eliquid collection. Their unique spin on some classic vape flavour themes. The Watermelon and Starfruit has so far stood out, but any fruity vaper should sample the entire collection.

There are flavours at The Redback Juice Co. that are incontrovertible. It's difficult to resist the enormous variety of flavours it offers.

Apple & Pomegranate: The juiciest e-liquid in the city is apple and pomegranate. This flavour is perfectly balanced as it combines a sweet, crisp apple with a mildly tart pomegranate. Think of tantalisingly flavoured freshly squeezed apple juice. Marvellous!

Red Raspberry: Blue Raspberry has a flavorful punch and is very energising. This flavour is clearly berry with a small amount of grape flavouring.

Have you ever tried this?

Grape, Black & Blueberry: This mouthwatering combination will have you craving more. A forest fruit burst on the puff with a cold grape let off.

Mango & Dragon fruit: BIG mango flavours in this fun tropical charm include mango and dragon fruit. This will transport you to fruit-filled cocktails, warm summer evenings, and sun-kissed beach days.


Since their debut in 2014, Sub-Zero vape e-liquids have been a market pioneer and one of the most well-known e-liquid brands in Australia. Element, who is well known for their wildly popular dripper line, has chosen to release their newest collection, Subzero, which has three icy flavours.

With three times as much menthol as our regular menthol e-liquid flavours, SubZero E-Liquid provides an extremely fresh sensation. This premium e-liquid blend gives a gently sweet blended mint aftertaste and was created for individuals looking for a more intense menthol experience.

Mango Passion 

The flavour in this line that stands out is mango passion. You are greeted by a unique fusion of juicy, ripe melon and alluring passion fruit. After that, a lovely but not overpowering menthol air calms your taste receptors. Mango Passion is a fantastic example of how expertly Element can combine flavours in an e-liquid.

Strawberry Guava

The following flavour in this outstanding line is Strawberry Guava, which combines juicy guava and luscious strawberries for a sweet-tart flavour. An ice blast follows to finish off this flavour. Once more, Strawberry Guava is a fantastic e-liquid and the epitome of an all-day vape. I was quite eager to try Strawberry Guava as I love fruity e-liquids, and for good reason; this is a gorgeous flavour.

Tropical Blast

Tropical completes this amazing trinity of flavours, although it is by no means the least important. Mango, pineapple, and banana are just a few of the mouthwatering fruits that make up tropical. Once more, this flavour comes over ice and gives you a menthol chill when you exhale. Each e-liquid from Element has the ideal quantity of menthol, which makes it noticeable when smoking but doesn't completely overshadow the fruity flavours.

Shisha Clouds


Shisha Cloudz is a tantalising collection of traditional Shisha vape flavour combinations made to make you feel at ease and transport you to middle eastern history in the sixteenth century.

Enjoy this wonderful vape while you relax!

Double Apple

Take a trip through an explosion of green and red apples with Double Apple, which will delight your taste buds!

Definitely a Shisha classic!

Grape Raspberry:

This hypnotically delicious Shisha vape is made from sweet purple grapes that have been crushed with copious amounts of fresh raspberries.

An old-school flavour of shisha!

Ice Lemon:

Lemonade with ice and lemon. Crispy Ice Once beat it. Twice as good! Freeze!

An authentic icy citrus flavour for shisha!

Mango Grape

A combination of two CLASSIC flavours that is very traditional to Malaysia.

This flavour bomb combines sweet, sweet mangoes and purple grapes with authentic Shisha overtones to create a Shisha vape that you must have in your rotation!


The frosty blast that follows the very minty, menthol explosion in this flavour leaves taste buds tingling with a cooling sensation.

Daily Grind


Take advantage of a stimulating range of coffee house vape juice to get ahead of the daily grind. Daily Grind vape juices are designed in the UK and made in Australia, and they are just as creamy and delectable as the genuine thing. - 100mL 0mg

Iced Vanilla Coffee:

Traditional vanilla syrup coffee, filled with ice, then shaken for a delectable afternoon pick-me-up, is the Daily Grind Vanilla Iced Coffee.

Latte with Toffee Nuts:

A delicious toffee delight mixed with nutritious, nutty hazelnuts and topped with a splash of warm milk is known as the Daily Grind Toffee Nut Latte.

Salted-caramel coffee:

The Daily Grind Salted Caramel Cappuccino is a delectable combination of fresh coffee, toffee nut syrup, creamy milk, whipped cream, and sweet and salty caramel sauce.

Coco-nut mocha:

A single shot of coffee is added to the earthy and sweet coconut core before it is combined with smooth, creamy chocolate.

Lemonade PGT:

A delicious green tea called Daily Grind PGT Lemonade is made with fresh peaches, lemons, and ice. a patio-ready beverage suitable for any devoted fan of all things sweet.

Peppermint White Chip Latte:

The Daily Grind White Choc Peppermint Latte has white chocolate sauce, creamy milk, and a fresh peppermint flavour.

Tapped Juice Co

Introducing Tapped Juice Co. vape juice, the energising and genuine soft drink e-liquid line!

What occurs when two crazy scientists combine with a few round-the-world tickets, Airbnb stays on small fruit farms, and several VIP passes to the top vape juice manufacturing facilities on the planet?

These juices are not for the faint of heart despite the many nuances in their mixology process.

True perfectionists have mastered every aspect of flavour.

Cherry Plum Soda:

The vivification of dark fruits. A complex yet straightforward combination of rich, succulent plums and slightly sour cherries wonderfully blended in a glass of fizz. This e-liquid has a tonne of flavour from inhalation to exhalation.

Blue Raspberry

The blue raspberry that does the talking. You find yourself inhaling a big glass of effervescent lemonade, along with a slightly acidic peach blended with a candy-based blue raspberry. We'll wait for you to find a better Blue Raspberry.

Melon Berry Soda

The ideal blend of sweet honeydew melon, juicy watermelon, luscious kiwi fruit, and fresh strawberries. No taste bud will be dissatisfied by this sparkling mixture.

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