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3 Best E Juice Brand 2021 Aussies Addicted To

With the buzz that has been created, it has become paramount for people to get hysterical for a bottle of e-juice. 

I mean people are literally going crazy about it!

The surge in vaping in Australia has contributed to a swift expansion in the companies scuffling to get to the top. Being every vaper’s priority is their preeminent priority now!

You must have come across leading brands that are in advertising. But you should be prudent about one thing if what they are displaying is legitimate enough. 

You see that, right? 

Health comes before everything. So whatever you choose, you must be certain about the brand and their quality of products. 

No troubles. You have us. 

We have analyzed intensely and have come up with the 3 best vape juice brands in Australia that extend e-liquids and some of their most beloved juice solutions and flavours.

Let Us Look At The 3 Best E-Juice Brand 2021 Aussies Are Addicted To


1. Redback Juice Co:

The Redback Juice Co. contains flavours you can’t refute. The vast selection of flavours it offers is hard to resist. 

  • Apple & Pomegranate: The juiciest vape in the city. This sweet crisp apple meets subtly sour pomegranate in an utterly balanced flavour. Think about freshly squeezed apple juice with a tantalising twist. Marvellous!
  • Blue Raspberry: Pleasant, exhilarating and full of flavour, Blue Raspberry packs a pleasant punch. This is an obvious berry flavour with a mild quantity of grape characterised. 

Have you tasted this before? 

  • Grape, Black & Blueberry: A forest fruit burst on the puff with a cool grape let out, this mouth-watering medley leaves you yearning for more.
  • Mango & Dragon fruit: BIG mango flavours in this whimsical tropical charm. This will take you to the sun-kissed beach days, fruit-filled drinks and sunny summer evenings. 

A mango sensation with the proper measure of exotic Dragon fruit. 

  • Starfruit & Watermelon: Watermelon is clearly the hero of this luscious fruit bomb. Sweet watermelon finds a broach of sour starfruit in this bright and lush flavour.


2. The Pink Series


The pink list possesses a rare assemblage of e-juices that will best present your cocktail parties. Here comes the list:

  1. Pink Sour- Along with the “Pink” blackcurrant and cotton candy flavour, Dr Vapes has added a rich sour aroma. 

This nostalgic flavour draws you back to the times you used to live for sour candy.

  1. Pink Colada- A gala in a bottle. Get ready to luxuriate your tastebuds with a sweet blackcurrant drink and a mention of sweet pineapple, led off with rich, fond coconut cream. 
  2. Pink Candy- You don’t desire to extend to a sweet shop to recall your sugary childhood daydreams. Just vape this blackcurrant and cotton candy flavour with a tantalizing hard candy twist

 A guaranteed feeling you will never get exhausted of.


3. Just Juice: 

If you are a fruit juice fan, what more can be fascinating if your e-juice is just mingling with all those fruits you love! 

No joking! 

Which mix is your favourite? Mine is Lemonade!

  • Mango & Passion Fruit - it strikes you with a fresh and juicy mango treat on the puff, with a fairly exotic tart passion fruit aftertaste that persists. 
  • Blue Raspberry - One minute it’s brilliant, the later, tender. Your taste buds are in for a feast with this mouthwatering raspberry e-liquid 
  • Blood Orange, Citrus & Guava - A lot of oranges go into this tangy Mediterranean mix e-liquid. You get the perfect stability of sharp citrus rind and usually sweet summer drinks, with a broach of Guava too.
  • Berry Burst - Which is your favourite? Blackberries? Check. Blueberries? Check. Strawberries? Oh, move on then.


We have all your favourite wild summer berries.

  • Lemonade - You felt how nice it is to down a freshly pressed fruit drink on a lovely day? This rim-watering juice tingles your taste buds exactly the same procedure, with fizz and zing for a fresh citrus blast.
  • Apple & Pear on Ice - Like everybody’s favourite fruit ciders in the summertime, sweet and sour, combine admirably in this delicious apple and pear mixture, with a fresh cooling effect on every inhale leaving you all a tingle.
  • Kiwi & Cranberry on Ice - Exotic kiwis are diverse with newly picked cranberries in this colada-infused vape juice. You get a sweet, sour and icy inhale, taking off your mouth feeling refreshingly fruity long after.
  • Fusion - forming two award-winning flavours, our Berry Burst packed full of exquisite wild summer berries and our Lemonade that tingles your taste buds with a fresh citrus blast.

The list doesn’t end here.

They even provide vape starter kits containing the mod and the tank simultaneously. Thus fixing most of your disputes. Their online vape shop will bring you the best e-juices, plus their faster delivery options will dazzle you. 

Further, if you are from Australia, you can buy vapour online from Momentum Vape Co, one of the entrusted Australian sites. 


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