Tapped Juice Co.
Tapped Juice Co.

Tapped Juice Co.

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Flavours include:

  • Cherry Plum Soda: Dark fruits brought to life. Intricate yet simple in nature, slightly sour Cherries and juicy, succulent plums perfectly infused in a glass full of fizz. This E-juice is packed with flavour from inhale to exhale.
  • Blue Raspberry Soda: The Blue Raspberry that speaks for itself. Find yourself inhaling a slightly sour peach infused with a candy based blue raspberry and a tall glass of fizzy lemonade. Find us a better Blue Raspberry, we’ll be waiting.
  • Melon Berry Soda: The perfect combination of fresh strawberries, ripe kiwi fruit, juicy watermelon and sweet honeydew melon. This fizzy concoction will leave not a single taste bud disappointed.

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