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Efest Lush
Efest Lush

Efest Lush

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Efest LUSH Q4 Battery Charger:

A cutting-edge high-performing battery charger, which provides astonishingly fast and accurate charging without the hassle. Composed of four independent auto-adjusting battery slots, which automatically charge a single battery at 2A, two batteries at 1A and three-four batteries at 0.5A each.

Compatible with numerous battery types, including 18650, 20700, 26650 and various others. The LUSH Q4’s intelligent technology instantly starts charging your batteries and eliminates the need to fiddle with settings. You'll always know the status of your batteries with its LED battery life indicators.

Efest LUSH Q2 Battery Charger:

Charge your batteries with the Efest LUSH Q2 Charger. The Efest LUSH Q2 Charger is a dual slot charger which automatically charges at a fast 2.0A charge with a single battery and a 1.0A charge with two batteries.

The Efest Lush Q2 features a simple no button design with a battery life LED indicator light. The LED indicates when your battery is charging and when the battery is fully charged.

Each slot is monitored independently to provide the most efficient charge.

The Efest LUSH Q2 Charger features reverse polarity, short circuit, overcharge protection and many more safety features.

The Efest LUSH Q2 Charger can charge different types of 3.6V/3.7V lithium batteries commonly used in electronic cigarettes, flashlights, electric tools, and more.

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