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Screen Pack - Extreme Q

Screen Pack - Extreme Q

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Why Screens Matter?
Over time the mesh screens in Extreme Q's glass elbow will become dirty and clog from herbal resins. This results in less than optimal operation of a Extreme Q vaporiser as the clogged screens hinder vapour flow. These fine-mesh screens are genuine Arizer replacement parts and are designed for use with the Extreme Q and V-Tower Vaporisers.

These dome screens are made out of high-quality stainless steel which has long been a preferred material in many industry's that demand durability. Stainless steel screens offer the following benefits:

  • Filter herbs without adding flavour or smell.
  • No rust from humidity.
  • They are durable and reliable; stainless steel screens simply last longer.
  • Offers a sterile environment that discourages microbes from growing and reproducing.

Changing the screens is as easy as pulling the old one out and popping a new one in. Changing or cleaning screens regularly keeps your vapours clean and fresh.

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