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The Milkman

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The Milkman line of premium e-liquid was developed in Los Angeles by Vaping Rabbit creator Barbara Villegas. The original inspiration for the brand came from the American 1950’s. Centred around classic desserts of the time like milkshakes and pies, Milkman burst on to the scene in 2015 with its signature packaging and flavour profiles that changed the industry forever.

Milkman Classics was the first line of products introduced in early 2015. The line quickly became the standard for dessert flavours and has continued to uphold that reputation through each flavour that has been released.

Milkman Delights goes beyond the offering of classic desserts into flavour profiles including confections and ice cream. Milkman Delights is guaranteed to deliver a familiar, yet not experience, without sacrificing the quality consumers have come to expect from Milkman Classics.

Milkman Heritage was the most ambition expansion of the brand as it voyaged into the world of tobacco flavours. Heritage has garnered worldwide acclaim for its flawless execution in blending tobacco and dessert in a way which highlights both profiles. If you like Milkman, but don’t think you like tobacco flavours, Milkman Heritage will be the perfect introduction.


  • Apple Pie - Caramelised apples sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, wrapped in a flaky crust.
  • Churrios - Fluffy churros and fresh milk.
  • Crumbleberry - Sweet raspberry crumble.
  • Hazel - Hazelnut and caramel.
  • Lemon Pound Cake - Lemon pound cake topped with delectable icing.
  • Little Dipper - Sugar cookie and creamy milk.
  • Milky O's - Cookies and creme milkshake.
  • The Original - Strawberry Pastry and fresh milk.
  • Strawberry Churrios - Fluffy churros and strawberry.
  • Strudelhaus - Blueberry strudel and powdered sugar.
  • Vanilla Custard - Creamy vanilla custard.


  • Mango Creamsicle - a vibrant mango sherbet blended with a sweet and bold creamsicle creation to finalise the ultimate crafted dessert!
  • Melon Milk - Refreshing creamy honeydew.
  • Pink Squared - Strawberry taffy cream.
  • Pixie Tarts - Sweet tart candy.


  • Gold - Honey and cream tobacco.
  • Red - Vanilla and caramel tobacco.
  • Smooth - Succulent strawberry tobacco.

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