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Vaping is a fairly new (~15 years since the boom) introduction to society, and in every country, certain regulations must be set - especially for an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Most Important Rule of Vaping: You must be 18 years of age or older to vape. Vaping may be water vapour, however, it still involves the act in inhaling a foreign substance into your lungs. A general rule for everyone is, breathing fresh air is the only thing any human should be inhaling. Vaping is only a healthy alternative to those smoking cigarettes and wanting to kick the routine of spending $40 a day on a pack of an unhealthy daily habit.

  • Do not vape where there are “No Smoking” signs posted. We know, it’s not the same as smoking. Just don’t be that person to represent vaping as careless and non-law abiding.
  • Possession of liquid nicotine is legal. Do not sell your stash for cash. Be the good friend, nic up their bottle, and give them the website where you purchased your nicotine.
  • Do not vape in your vehicle with persons under the age of 16.

When traveling through an airport, domestic and international:

  • Keep your vape device and batteries with you in the carry-on cabin; whether it's an interal Li-po battery or external 18650, keep it with you!
  • Carry-on liquids are allowed up to 3oz/100mL. Anything bigger than 100mL must be a part of your check-in luggage underneath the cabin.
  • Wire is typically allowed. Forget the tools and drill bits, you’ll find a local vape shop wherever your going that will lend you their tools.
  • Do not vape in the airport or airplane - again, don’t be that person.
  • Before traveling, please look up each country of destination’s vape laws. Some countries won’t allow you to travel through their airport with vape products.

Please refer to government issues websites for more accurate laws regarding vaping.

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