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Nicotine in Australia

Nicotine in Australia is classified as a Schedule 7 dangerous poison and is considered a tobacco product. E-liquid sales within Australia of liquid containing nicotine is illegal.

However, importing nicotine overseas into Australia for personal use and consumption is OK. There are a variety of websites where nicotine can be found: America for quality, New Zealand for shipping. We recommend purchasing a solution of 100mg/ml for the best results.

Formula for Mixing to a Desired Strength

After you've purchased your favourite e-liquid from Momentum Vape Co, and have your 100mg/ml nicotine and measuring syringe:

30mL E-Liquid Bottle

  • 0.8mL of nicotine = 3mg
  • 1.6mL of nicotine = 6mg
  • 2.4mL of nicotine = 9mg

60mL E-Liquid Bottle

  • 1.6mL of nicotine = 3mg
  • 3.2mL of nicotine = 6mg
  • 5mL of nicotine = 9mg

100mL E-Liquid Bottle

  • 3mL of nicotine = 3mg
  • 6mL of nicotine = 6mg
  • 9mL of nicotine = 9mg

Please make sure you add the nicotine into your full bottle of e-liquid, shake very well, and steep if you choose. For prior-to-vaping smokers, we recommend starting with the 3mg formula and test the strength with your device. Add more if needed. Vape Safe!

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