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Mechanical Mod Safety

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Making the transition from user-friendly regulated devices to mechanical mods is like learning how to drive a manual transmission vehicle after years of driving an automatic transmission. There are a lot of parts of a mechanical mod that needs to be regularly maintained.

All mechanical mods contain similar pieces to complete and use (from top to bottom):

  • Threaded 510 connector for atomiser
  • Tube (battery slot)
  • Firing button

There are two different styles of mech mods:

  • 510 Connected Mod: Battery safety feature to ensure connection with atomiser, to contacts, to battery
  • Hybrid Mod: Top threaded 510 connector, without additional metals to conduct vapour production; atomiser makes direct contact to battery for full power.

The tube of the mech is where most of the metals are showcased. The battery fits into the tube which is typically lined inside with delrin to keep the battery cool while in use. Most mech mods are manufactured with (from least conductive to most conductive); aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, or silver materials. Inside the tube, depending on the manufacturer, the battery is installed positive up, negative down, and/or vice versa. We never expect this to happen, but it's best that everyone knows that in the event of any battery venting inside of a mech mod, the positive end of the battery is where the battery vents out of, which makes it the risky side to vape from, so keep battery position in mind when making your mech mod purchase-decision. Take a look at Mooch's Blog to get a better understanding of vape battery information.

Firing buttons (usually located at the bottom) are manufactured differently and work different to other mech mods. The firing button is where most of the mechanics are actually located. When breaking down a button, make sure you do not lose any tiny springs or magnets that are needed to hold the button together.

Building on an atomiser can be personalised. All atomisers are designed differently, just like the variety of mods available in the vape industry; flavour atomiser, vapour production-based atomisers, some catering to both vapour and flavour. Typically, a build on an atomiser should be no lower than 0.12ohms to maximise your battery safety. Specific batteries are best to use for specific ohms. 

    In the event of your atomiser not firing when triggered, do not try and continue to fire it as there may be a short occurring. Take the following precautionary steps to fixing any issues that may be occurring:

    • Break down your mod: remove atomiser, remove battery from tube, remove button from tube
    • Tighten the atomiser's grub screws to ensure your wire is making connection with the posts
    • Tighten the 510 of the bottom of the atomiser (your positive post to make connection with the battery)
    • Adjust the 510 of your tube to the specific size of your battery
    • Adjust any inner delrin tubing for battery safety (delrin is a soft material that can be adjusted when heat is involved)
    • Tighten your firing button pieces and ensure the firing connection will touch the battery

    All mechanical mods are different as each manufacturer is different. Please refer to the manufacture instructional manual or feel free to contact us for any more general information we may have left out!

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