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Best Vape Mod For Travelers

Is your vapor losing charge fast? Willing to make an upgrade?

There is nothing to worry about. We have a lot of products that may help a lot. Alternatively, you might be looking to add a mod to your list of travel items.

What is a Vape Mod

Mod in vapor starter kits is the part where the battery required empowering the rebuildable atomizer or clearomiser is attached.

The regulated varieties are controlled by the vapor to adjust the power limit offered to the clearomiser or atomizer.

On the contrary, mechanical varieties are strictly powered by batteries. People with a proper understanding of ohm's law and battery safety can only include these into their travel items list.

The mods currently seen in shops appear a bit sketchy. These are available for commercial uses too. Stylish designs have made these adored travel accessories.

With the use of innovative technology, the sub-ohm coils are able to allow high fire-power. The use of low resistance coils imparts additional energy within the cells too.

Sub-ohm coils have normal resistance than unity; it allows passage of more electricity. Best Vape Mods allow vaping at 0 mg. It debars the additional formation of clouds, reducing pollution.


Regulated mods

These types of mods are equipped with a circuit board. Such boards allow for safety features as well as various other customizable features.


Safety Features

  1. Overcharge protection: Vape mods prevent the device from firing when the battery is overcharged.
  2. Thermal Protection: Regulated mods lower the scope of heating the vehicle even if the battery is overheated.
  3. Protection of Resistance: Devices do not fire even if improper cell resistance is implemented.


Exclusive Features

  1. Fixed Voltage: Vaping mods have a set voltage output. Therefore, it will give the user a continued vaping supply irrespective of the battery condition.
  2. Regulated mods offer its users an increase and decrease power flowing through the atomizer and other power output. It allows the user to play with flavor intensity, cloud production, and threat heat at the time of finding the sweet spots.
  3. Temperature Control: The user can fix the vaping temperature. Devices adjust to the power output almost instantly. It helps the user avoid direct hits. A long span for the coil is also guaranteed.

Mechanical Mods

These devices are chosen by those people who want to build their own atomizers. It helps them create an ideal vaping experience.

Since the coils are built by the users themselves, the best customization with respect to the vapers becomes due.

Devices thus formed are called Rebuildable Drip Atomizers. E-liquid is poured on top of coils.

Under certain circumstances, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are also used. There, the vaping device behaves like a tank.


Pros and Cons


  • Offers high performance when it comes to flavor intensity
  • Offers better yield at the time of producing a cloud.
  • The battery offers higher longevity
  • There are options to use different kinds of coils
  • You can opt between a Mouth to Lung hit or a Direct to Lung one


  • Time for charging the battery is more than anything else.
  • Vape Mod is not an ideal device for starters.


Products you can add in your travel item list

With a span of the internet, the manufacturers offer their products online. People access the latest releases in the vapor industry by visiting several manufacturer sites.

From the detailed inscription, they can choose the ideal product for them too.


Smoke RPM 80

The product was designed as the enhanced version of RPM40. It allows users to use Pods for RCG or RPM coils. The inclusion of IQ-80 chips allows better cloud release. The occult finish opens the scope for extreme popularity.

The portable feature has made it ideal for travelers.

See the source image


Aegis 80W Mini by GeekVape

Vapor shop online are flooded with orders for various products. GreekVape has designed the product with apt consideration for the traveling people.

It offers maximum durability. Products belonging to this variety are all shockproof and water-resistant. These offer dust-proof protection too.

Travelers call it the Mini Beast for its ability to provide absolute power output accuracy.


Vaporesso Swag II

Online vapor shop introduces Swag II as the latest among best-selling Swag series products from Vaporesso. The high-wattage device runs on a single 18650 battery. The packing into a compact and portable unit has made it ideal for travelers.

The product is one of the cheap varieties that offer no compromise over quality.



There are lots of products available on the internet made exclusively for traveler’s benefit. Visit the sites and grab the best for you.

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